The Crimson Pact volume 2 NOW AVAILABLE!



The Crimson Pact 1 launched earlier this year with a lot of success, and now the Pact is back and demons are as devious as ever in The Crimson Pact Volume 2! I’m pretty excited to be able to write another story for this anthology collection. The first volume was a hit with [...]

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The Crimson Pact Anthology now available!


The Crimson Pact Anthology, which includes my flash fiction story, Withered Tree, is now available for all e-reader formats, including PDF, at $5. That’s a great price for 26 stories and over 130k words! Check out the book trailer below or visit the home page to read more about this great collection of stories!

The [...]

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Progess Update

I’m making steady progress on Deathknot. Yay! I still have a few pages left, but all in all it’s been smooth so far. I’m really in love with this story. Diving into Norse culture has been an enjoyable experience, and I hope that when I’m done I’ve managed to blend Norse mythology with my own [...]

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Assassins’ Canon Anthology

Assassins’ Canon is now available from Utility Fog Press. You’ll find tales of the dark and deadly kind, including my own story, “Vendetta.”

Here is a description of the anthology:

“Few images evoke a more powerful or frightening reaction than that of the assassin. Silently creeping into your room while you sleep, they plunge a [...]

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