Orycon 2011 recap

I attended Orycon this year with a really cool chick, Amy Bilhorn Thomas. She was pretty much my partner in crime as we navigated the good and bad panels and it was really great spending time just talking to someone at length about all the in’s and out’s of the writing craft. I know [...]

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Interview, Fantasy Magazine Re-launch

Today is the re-launch for Fantasy Magazine! (Subs are still closed until May 1.)

To celebrate, Fantasy Magazine’s Managing Editor, Molly Tanzer, recently interviewed the Fantasy staff (I’m in there too!) about why they love the magazine and what the work is like. There’s a lot of great stuff here for authors, including what [...]

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Check out Fantasy Magazine!


If you don’t read Fantasy Magazine, you should. Now! Period! These are not your average fantasy tales – every story in this magazine brings something unique and thoughtful to the genre. What’s even better is that you can read them quite happily, quite free, from any web browser. So no excuses! Get over to [...]

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Upcoming markets, work update

There are quite a few good sub opportunities coming up. Parsec’s new 2010 Triangulation: End of the Rainbow anthology has been announced and I’d love to submit to this one. Jabberwocky is open until filled. Strange Horizons, Fantasy and Clarkesworld are closed until Jan 15, (Fantasy is closed until March 1), so now is the [...]

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Fantasy Magazine closed to submissions

Fantasy recently announced they will be shutting down to subs for the holidays. This was originally supposed to be from Dec 1 – Jan 15, but is now extended until March 1. [...]

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