Orycon 2011 recap

I attended Orycon this year with a really cool chick, Amy Bilhorn Thomas.  She was pretty much my partner in crime as we navigated the good and bad panels and it was really great spending time just talking to someone at length about all the in’s and out’s of the writing craft.  I know I came away with a lot of good advice!

We attended some great panels.  One I particularly liked was “Heinlein’s Rules,” which discussed Robert A. Heinlein’s top five rules for writing and why they do or do not work.  A point that was made during this panel is one I wholeheartedly agree with because I’ve experienced it - new authors tend to flounder when they take on a novel project, and writing (and publishing) short stories is a great way to hone the skills that are necessary to writing a very long work.  This has been my experience as well, and with each short story that I complete, I’m learning more and more how to pare down the ideas, refine them, and make them pop on the page.  I hope that at least for me, that will give me a more solid foundation when I do eventually move into the novel realm.

I also had a great opportunity to meet up with Wendy Wagner, Assistant Editor at Fantasy Magazine.  Wendy is totally awesome!  She did a great reading of Kat Howard’s “Choose Your Own Adventure,” and afterward she and Camille Alexa graciously invited me to speak about being a slush reader and what that entails.  It was super fun!  It was really great that Fantasy Magazine had a presence at Orycon this year, so I hope they’ll be back next year!

Now, motivated and full of ideas, it’s off to write I go…

2 comments to Orycon 2011 recap

  • How on earth did I miss this post? You must think me a complete cad. Thank you for taking me on a complete tour of the Con – including the good, the bad, and the just plain incomprehensible.

    Being there with you made the good stuff great, and the rest at least amusing. Best part for me was the time spent picking the craft apart with you. And the Heinlein panel was definitely worth the price of admission. You’ll be around for next year, right??

  • Suzzanne

    And now I am late in replying, you must think me a cad!!! I think the best part were our long discussions too. It’s so refreshing to just talk craft with someone who knows the business! I’m working on being around for next year, and you’re my date! ;-P

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