Progess Update

I’m making steady progress on Deathknot. Yay! I still have a few pages left, but all in all it’s been smooth so far. I’m really in love with this story. Diving into Norse culture has been an enjoyable experience, and I hope that when I’m done I’ve managed to blend Norse mythology with my own [...]

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Review: Bright of the Sky, Kay Kenyon


I literally devoured Kay Kenyon’s first book in the Entire and the Rose series, Bright of the Sky, in about a week. Which is really fast, for me. I attended one of Kenyon’s panels at Orycon and was really intrigued by her descriptions of her characters during the session; finally, last week, I sat down [...]

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My Kindle and Me

For Christmas last year, I received (from my awesome husband) an Amazon Kindle 2. I wanted the Kindle over other e-readers primarily because the technology was better; although the Nook was running a heated race, I just didn’t feel that the product matched up to the Kindle in enough ways to justify buying it instead, [...]

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