OryCon 31 Followup

So, OryCon is now done. I met a few really awesome writers, including Mary Robinette Kowal, Ken Scholes and Nisi Shawl. These guys were part of some awesome panels like Writing the Other, Ken’s Writing Workshop and panels on selling your work and world-building. There was a lot of great advice from everyone on [...]

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Upcoming markets, work update

There are quite a few good sub opportunities coming up. Parsec’s new 2010 Triangulation: End of the Rainbow anthology has been announced and I’d love to submit to this one. Jabberwocky is open until filled. Strange Horizons, Fantasy and Clarkesworld are closed until Jan 15, (Fantasy is closed until March 1), so now is the [...]

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Fantasy Magazine closed to submissions

Fantasy recently announced they will be shutting down to subs for the holidays. This was originally supposed to be from Dec 1 – Jan 15, but is now extended until March 1. [...]

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Cover Letters

Ever wonder how important that cover letter really is or whether it impacts your chances at publication? The short answer is: Your cover letter is very important. It’s how you introduce yourself to the editor. [...]

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Assassins’ Canon Anthology

Assassins’ Canon is now available from Utility Fog Press. You’ll find tales of the dark and deadly kind, including my own story, “Vendetta.”

Here is a description of the anthology:

“Few images evoke a more powerful or frightening reaction than that of the assassin. Silently creeping into your room while you sleep, they plunge a [...]

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