Print Editions of The Crimson Pact Vol. 4 Now Available!

For those of you who have beeing waiting for the print edition of TCP Volume 4: this should be available at major retailers very shortly.  However, I will have a limited number of copies available for purchase directly through me and I will be signing each.  I can also order the entire set of Crimson Pact volumes, or any other editions, if you would like and would be happy to sign those copies where my stories appear.  If you’d like to purchase through me, please contact me directly for payment and shipping details.  Thank you!

Also, if you haven’t heard of the Crimson Pact before, check out the following links:

An excerpt from my most recent story, Dogtribe

The main Crimson Pact website itself:

Read an EXCERPT from Dogtribe…now available in The Crimson Pact Anthology, Volume 4!


By a bullet or a blade, the Pact will have justice.

A gunslinger rides down a dark road in an alternate history Old West… A lone woman tries to save a distant planet from a diabolical invasion… A rogue demon seeks vengeance on his former queen…

Read the supernatural Western, “Darkness of the Sun,” [...]

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Seven Dogs – Excerpt


For your reading enjoyment…

Seven Dogs

by Suzzanne Myers



It could be any street in any town. Slim, two-story houses sandwiched together along a narrow, paved corridor. Street lamps on the corners, metal signs to mark location. Block E-16, Row 4.

Except that it’s not any street in any town. [...]

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Orycon 2011 recap

I attended Orycon this year with a really cool chick, Amy Bilhorn Thomas. She was pretty much my partner in crime as we navigated the good and bad panels and it was really great spending time just talking to someone at length about all the in’s and out’s of the writing craft. I know [...]

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Seven Dogs Book Trailer

Check out the book trailer for my story, “Seven Dogs,” now available in The Crimson Pact Volume 2!

Want to see trailers for more Crimson Pact stories? Visit our Youtube channel here!